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A Day in the Life of Lucy 4

It’s been a while since I’ve made a day in the life of Lucy post so I thought I’d get to it! On this particular day, I worked long hours. I was on from 8:30 am until 10:30 pm. Many things can happen in fourteen hours doing what I do and sure enough, all the things happened on this day! There was a lot of variety in the type of play I had.

  • Chatted on Skype about potential shows
  • Did a naughty role play on a cam show. The caller was my neighbor. One night, while my husband was out of town, he looked outside his window and saw me “entertaining” a man who was not my husband in my master bedroom. The caller showed up at my door and blackmailed me to suck him and fuck him.
  • Chatted on Skype about potential shows
  • Updated pages on non-NF website
  • Started to respond to an email from caller
  • Chatted on Skype about a potential show
  • Did a sensual domination cam to cam show in which I instructed this hot man on how to stroke to please me. He showed me his tongue, cock and a big cum load in his hand afterward.
  • A sweet and sexy man did a cam to cam show with me. He had me spank myself hard, as if I was over his knee and he was giving me the spanking. My butt was so red and it made my pussy very wet! He then had me stick my ass at the cam while I fingered my asshole with one finger and then two. He wanted me to fuck my ass with a dildo at the end, but he got so hot watching my fingers that he came before we got to it!
  • Continued updating pages on website
  • Chatted on Skype with Aubrey and some potential callers. Wrote an extra fun sadistic dominants I’ve been playing with for a while. We made some plans for a show with Aubrey beating me for him next week. I think we’re going to try to bruise my butt, aka the beast (because it doesn’t bruise easily).
  • The same sadistic dominant ended up doing a show with me right then! He had me bind my breasts tight and then put a bra on them before they got swollen. I beat the tops of my breasts for a bit before he had me take the bra back off. He ordered me to insert my butt plug in my ass and a dildo in my pussy. I sat on them and used the tension rod from mini blinds as a pervertible cane to beat all over my breasts. I put on my nipple clamps and he had me lift them by the chain while I caned my breasts some more. Finally he let me cum with my vibrator on my clit and two holes still stuffed.
  • Took a break to close the pool until next summer
  • Lunch
  • Continued updating pages on website
  • Dealt with a kid trying to trick me into doing paid time with him via text (through my non-NF site)
  • Continued updating pages on website
  • Chatted on Skype about a potential show
  • Responded by email to fellow cam/phone worker
  • Chatted with potential caller who turned out to be a wanker
  • Did a texting session on non-NF site
  • Chatted on Skype with potential callers
  • Looked at squirting dildos on Amazon
  • Did a smoking show (I don’t smoke, I vape but I still call it a smoking show) with a very hot man. I sucked my dildo, titty fucked it and bit my nipple all while blowing vapor at the camera.
  • Chatted on Skype with potential caller
  • Did a cam to cam show of me rubbing my panty covered pussy while sniffing and licking a pair of dirty ones. It was hot seeing him cum so hard and so much to the nasty things I did.
  • Did cam to cam with guy with a big cock. He stroked hard while I laid back and rubbed my pussy and told him what I would do to suck his cock and get fucked. I didn’t cum, but immediately after this show…
  • Did humiliation show with a dominant caller. He asked me why I was so horny and already naked. I told him I hadn’t cum yet after the last show. He said, “did he say he’d choke you while he fucked you? Did he say he’d slap your face while he fucked you? Did he call you a fat slut?” and so on until I got off on my vibrator. Then he said he’d keep me like that all night. Then he hung up. I love it when he’s mean to me.
  • Answered emails. Finished email to caller that I started earlier in the day.
  • Chatted on Skype with potential callers
  • Responded to emails by fellow cam worker (a Domme)
  • Went through the clothes I got back from the fire (they took things to remove the smoke smell and I just got the repairable stuff back) looking for my red bikini and a white tank top- a request from a possible caller. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to call but I’m looking forward to a shower show with him. Hopefully soon.

The Spanking II: A Fantasy by a Service Submissive

IMG_2215“Actually ps, ” Miss Lucy began, before we commence with your spanking, there is one little thing that must be done. But even before that, look into my eyes, from your kneeling state, and tell me quite honestly, are you ready to do whatever I tell you to?”

“Oh yes, Ma’am, I promise, I will do whatever you tell me to”.

“You know, ever since you started calling me Miss Lucy, I sort of like that. Do not call me Ma’am from now on. It makes me feel old. You are the one who is old, not me. Got it?”

“Yes, Miss Lucy, I understand.”

“Good, now pay close attention, because I am going to give you some very specific instructions. Are you ready to do what I tell you to?”

Ps nodded respectfully.

“Ok, now I want you to go into my bathroom, and I want you to close the door leaving about one inch open. It doesn’t have to be EXACTLY one inch, just approximately. Then, I want you to masturbate. You can look around my bathroom and use whatever you like, if you need some lubrication. Just don’t make a mess. When you are finished, I want to see everything that comes out of your cock in the palm of your hand, and fix your pants and make certain you don’t mess up my bathroom in any way. Do you understand all of that ps?”

“Yes, Miss Lucy.”

“Ok, go to it. I will be waiting right here. Don’t keep me waiting long, you hear?”

Ps went into the bathroom to do his duty. He really didn’t understand why he was doing what she wanted him to. It just didn’t make any sense. Had she wanted to witness the masturbation, well that might have been a humiliating act. Letting his mind wander, if she wanted him to cum on her feet, well that would have been pure heaven. Knowing what would certainly follow. His licking them clean.

Ps felt lucky that he was able to catch everything, not that there was a great deal to worry about. The tricky part was getting re-dressed with one hand, the other hand being the holder for his cum.

It didn’t take that long. Ps was really anxious to get to the spanking. Also to perhaps find out why Miss Lucy had him masturbate in the first place.

He walked back out into the room where Miss Lucy was seated. He held out his cum covered palm.

“On your knees, boy.”

Ps complied.

Miss Lucy pretended to look closely at the contents in ps’ palm, and had an unsatisfied look on her face.

“Is that all?” A rhetorical question, obviously. “When did you masturbate last?”

“Last night Miss Lucy.”

Miss Lucy had not given him any specific instructions about when to, or not to, masturbate, so she simply took this opportunity to turn the tables on poor ps.

“Why on earth would you masturbate the day before you are supposed to see me? I want you desirous and on edge and completely dependent on me for the consent to have an orgasm. Tell me, ps, why would you masturbate just hours before you were to see me? Is that fair to me? Is it?”

“No, Miss Lucy, I am so sorry. I just wasn’t thinking. I am sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“Is part of the reason for your small amount of cum the fact that you have only one testicle?”

“Honestly, Miss Lucy, I have no idea. It might make sense that one would produce less than two, but since I have never HAD two, I can’t honestly say.”IMG_2306

“Ok, lets drop this banter. Go ahead and dispose of this mess. Right now.”

Ps began to get up to go to the nearest waste basket.

“Where the hell do you think you are going?”

“You told me to dispose of it, Miss Lucy.”

“Are you that dense, ps, boy? You are sub male, are you not? In your case, the word D I S P O S E equals ‘licking up’. “

“Sorry Miss Lucy, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Wait, ps, before you do that, I will help you out a bit. I’ll give it a bit more flavor, something to personalize it, to make this moment special for us. Is that ok with you?”

“Of course, Miss Lucy.”

Lucy leaned forward, over ps’ open palm, and she drooled some saliva, adding it to the fast melting smallish puddle of cum.”

“There, now it is more fit for consumption, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Miss Lucy, thanks for thinking of me.”

Ps went about his task. It was not a big issue with him, as though he hadn’t done this of late, it was something he had done many times in his life.

“Good boy,” Lucy patted ps on the head, after he cleaned his palm of the concoction.

“Now go wash your hands and come back here.”

In just moments, ps was back in place, on his knees before the seated Miss Lucy.

“I have something else to ask you before we begin our spanking.”

“Yes, Miss Lucy?”

“Look up into my eyes once again, boy, and answer me truthfully.”

“Yes, Miss Lucy.”

“I want to know EXACTLY what were your thoughts, fantasies if you will, that entered your mind when you masturbated in my bathroom. Even if it wasn’t about me, I want to know that. You won’t be punished any extra for any evil thoughts you may have had.”

Ps looked down and hesitated, obviously that he didn’t want to reveal his fantasy to her, for fear it somehow might not meet with her approval.

“Well, Miss Lucy, to be quite honest, and this is the type of fantasy that I have often, and one I am certainly not allowed to participate with anyone in, even with you.”

“What is it, boy, spit it out.”

“Well, Miss Lucy, I fantasized that I was made to lick out the cum of your boyfriend, from whichever hole he had just deposited it into your body.”

“Very dirty fantasy, ps. Do you mean to tell me that even if my boyfriend came in my ass, and I am not saying here that he, nor anyone else, EVER has, do you mean to say that you would clean that out as well? And do you think you could do that in real life, not just fantasy?”

“Yes I do, Miss Lucy, though I never have. But, like I told you, I am committed to my Domme, and not allowed anything of that nature.”

“I understand that ps. Well, you just let me know if and when you ever cease the relationship with your Domme, and I will do my best to make your fantasy a reality. OK?”

“Yes, Miss Lucy.”

“Not that I have to, but I am going to give you the main reason why I had you masturbate before our spanking.”

“Yes Miss Lucy?”

I went onto some of the Fetlife spanking groups, and chatted with a few of the more experienced folks, and one of them suggested that having you orgasm before the spanking, would take your sexual energy out of the session, and have the result of the spanking being more painful for you. What do you think about that ps?”

“Well, Miss Lucy, I had never heard of that before, or just rarely, but it does make sense to me. No question, that with males, once you take away their sex urges, they lose all desire to be good subs, or good lovers, or basically anything other than wanting to take a nap. So, I guess it is a good idea.”

“Very intellectual answer, ps. And I agree as well. Now, lets us get to one other topic before we begin, shall we?”

“Yes, Miss Lucy?’

“OK, I am sure you will agree with me, that given how excited you have been about finally convincing me to play with you, this spanking session, our first play together, is definitely much more of an excitement for you than it is for me. Is that fair to say?”

“Yes Miss Lucy, I would agree with you, though I surely hope that whatever we do, including today’s spanking, is also fun for you.”

“I agree with you, too. And it will be fun. But, if we are to be playing regularly, or even semi-regularly, you will need to provide me with more than just your coming over with sushi in your hands. And, I am NOT talking about money. Not at this point, anyhow.”

“Yes Miss Lucy, I’ll do whatever you want. Just name it.”

“Well, I have been talking to some of my kinky friends, and they all feel, that given your age, and you have admitted outright about all the free time that you have, that it would be completely within common sense in the kink world, given how you are getting a young woman to play with you, that you come over to my house once a week, for a one hour cleaning session. This weekly session would not include any treats. Perhaps, if I felt generous, you might be allowed to kiss my feet, but the weekly house cleaning will be all about just that – cleaning my house. Then, after each 3 weeks of cleaning, I will grant you a play session. Of my choosing. Not yours. So ps, these are my terms. How do you feel about those terms?”

IMG_2204“Miss Lucy, I would love such an arrangement. I have to honestly tell you that I am not the world’s greatest cleaner, nor the world’s cleanest individual, but if you show me what needs to be done, I am sure I can follow through with your instructions.”

“Good boy, I knew you would see things my way. Now, since I already promised you today’s spanking, I am not going to go back on my word, and we will be doing the spanking, without any cleaning today. See how nice I am to you?”

“Yes, Miss Lucy. I appreciate your compassion.”

“Now then, I am going to get ready to deliver your spanking.”

Ps wondered what she meant by “get ready”…

Planning to Play with ps, not a Fantasy

In my last post, I shared part I of a fantasy the service submissive, ps wrote for me. We will be getting together this Friday, in the evening. In preparation, I sent him a series of questions to understand what excites him and his limits- what is willing to do to please ME. I intend to share the rest of the series, The Spanking, but before I post the rest, I thought I’d share the last email he sent me.

Here it is:

Miss Lucy,

If it was your intention to get me completely worked up this afternoon, you have succeeded 100%. Just the line of questions that you posed, was enough to push me to the edge. And, your responses to mine, have put me over the edge. Not to say I have sought or achieved relief. I have not. Why rob you of my intense desire to please you.

Collars – I would be happy to wear one for you. If you cared to go to a shoe store, or any public place with me, for example, I would have no objection to wearing what would be considered an OBVIOUS ownership collar, with you. Years ago, it would have been very fearful for me, anyone who might get the RIGHT impression. I am long over that. I am not fond of upsetting vanilla IMG_1918 (533x800)folks, when they didn’t ask for it, but I am not afraid to unveil my true self in public – a submissive. I’d proudly wear a collar with you out in public.

Lube – I generally buy this brand called Astroglide, which they sell at Wal-mart, for jerking off or the rare occasion that I insert a butt plug.

A sissification chore – let me know, and I will comply.

Being ridiculed for jerking off? How wonderful that would be. My cock works, with masturbation. I get erect quite easily. If I have not orgasmed in 3-4 days, then having an orgasm is quite easy for me. If I had an orgasm the day prior, then I cannot guarantee that I can orgasm for you. In today’s case, I have not orgasmed in probably 5-6 days, as I recall. So, if it is your pleasure that I play with myself, I have no doubt that I can perform. Maybe I would feel awkward for a minute or two, but after that, I probably would be fine.

In your line of work, you aren’t physically around when men orgasm, via phone or computer or whatever, but I assure you, Miss L, that licking up my cum, would be my pleasure to please you. If that is something you desire. AND, while on the subject, if you tell me that you mentioned to any friends, that you had me lick my cum up, it would greatly arouse me.

Miss Lucy, more than anything, like I have told you multiple times, I want to please you. Even if it is primarily cleaning things or giving you pedicures, I would relish the opportunity to please you.

Anything else, would be icing on the cake for me. I would happily engage in any activity that pleases you.

Ridicule to the size of my cock, soft or erect, I am fine with that.

Making fun of me being a masturbator? It is true. For 99% of my life, my sexual release has come through masturbation. Whether or not that is humiliating to me, is to be discussed. As I ramble here, my greatest sexual pleasure in life, not that I am permitted to engage in it, is orally pleasing a female. i am not ‘wired’ to seek my own sexual relief, though left on my own, I certainly masturbate a couple of times per week. Formerly, every night, but in my old age, I can go nearly a week without needing said release.

Thanks for all your compassionate attention, I appreciate it,

Your ps

Lucy’s Submissive Phone & Cam Sessions


Hi there, guys! Let’s talk a little bit today about BDSM, shall we?

I should go ahead and tell you that I’m a switch. That means I’m neither totally dominant or totally submissive. I can go either way, depending on the general vibe that I get from my partner. Once I start leaning in a certain direction, though, you can count on me being totally submissive or totally dominant in that scene with that partner. I’m not the type of girl to do things in half measures!

Truthfully, I find myself leaning more and more to the submissive end of the spectrum nowadays, but every now, then right kind of submissive can turn my head and leave me longing to tower over him as he kneels at my feet.

I have long felt the call to be on my knees. I almost always find that type of man through my submissive phone sex line!

Pretty nice, huh?

Talking to real dominant men on the phone is always great fun. I especially enjoy it when they slowly lead me down the path from mild to wild. It can be humiliation, pain play, or a combination of both. When I make up my mind to submit to someone, that means that I am up for pretty much anything he (or she) can throw at me.

But there is one thing that’s even more fun than regular submissive calls, and that’s submissive cam sessions! I love doing things that my Dom/mes tell me to do, so if they can watch me as I do them, then that makes the whole experience that much more intense.

Are you interested in a submissive phone sex call or webcam show? I would love to make it happen for you. Why not give Lusty Lucy a call?