A Day in the Life of Lucy 3

In between calls, I’m usually doing what I like to call “back end work” (bring on the jokes). This includes working on posts for my blogs, Tweeting, updates to all my sites, running ads and sometimes working on content (videos, editing pics, audio, stories, etc.), though I usually do this kind of work on Wednesdays (my day “off”; meaning I’m not taking calls, but really I am working). My boyfriend is working on getting his bachelor’s degree and just took a class that I should take! It’s a customer relations class having to do with social marketing. I stole his book and will be reading it between calls in the next few weeks.

When I’m done with that kind of work, I often pull up Age of Empires, a strategy based game that I’ve been playing off and on for years. It’s mind numbing and a sort of therapy/way to pass the time.

I decided to do a day in the life of Lucy last week and for whatever reason on this particular day, I ended up staring into space a lot. I didn’t notate when I was doing this, but you can pretty much fill in all the gaps in time with me staring into space. It is really odd that I did this at all because I’m not the type of person who likes meditative time (though I do occasionally enjoy intentional meditation). One of my close friends loves waiting rooms because it gives her time to think. My boyfriend hunts and spends most of his time in the tree stand letting his mind drift. I hate time like that. I like to either be active or numb my mind with TV or a video game.

Anyway, here is my third installment of a day in the life of Lucy. Like the first time I created this type of post, I didn’t take the best notes and it’s been a few days and it’s a struggle to backtrack, so some of the detail on the shows and calls are lacking:

  • Chatted w/ some callers
  • Worked on pics
  • Cam show rough fantasy
  • Cam show – he talked about either me fucking his ass with a dildo or him being fucked by another man while he licked my pussy
  • IM session with Nick (I offer IM/Sexting on my non-NiteFlirt site). Nick likes to do detailed stories, usually involving a slutty character named Selena. This time Selena was working as a bartender and one of her customers takes her into the bathroom to snort cocaine and fuck. Nick lets me take calls in between IMing him, so we broke a few times so I could take calls.
  • Cam show with a sweet man. He fucks me in the role play (I fuck my pussy with my dildo). Then he had me suck his cock until he came in my mouth (I sucked my used dildo in front of the cam).
  • Continue IM session with Nick
  • Phone sex only call with a sissy. He told me about how he got fucked and sucked cock earlier that day. I’ve talked to this sissy a number of times before. He likes to call me to cum with me after he has hot sessions with the men in his life. This time, he jerked off while parked in his car.
  • Finished IM session with Nick
  • Lunch
  • Talked with caller about doing a show this afternoon
  • Chatted with caller
  • Did rough sex cam show
  • Dom cam show. He talk about hurting me and called me a fat whore (which is the kind of humiliation I love).
  • Long show with new caller- watched black male/white female sucking and fucking porn. He showed me his cock and jerked it while fucking and sucking toys for me. Had me fuck my black toy, white toy, suck both and masturbate. I came three times.
  • Responded to emails from callers
  • Panty boy cam to cam. He licked his pre cum. I told him I’d sit on his face and make him lick me while he jerks for me.
  • Listened to music between calls
  • Exchanged emails with fellow cam girls.
  • Anal show
  • Chatted with a caller about show
  • Texted pics of me in my lingerie to my boyfriend