A Day in the Life of Lucy (with Aubrey)


Last week, I posted about my day. This week, I thought it would be fun to post a day in the life of two cam girls. Here’s everything that happened when I worked a 2 girl cam and phone sex day:

  • Created Twitter pics. We kept laughing and had trouble making them.
  • Created photos for a guy who purchased dirty pics through our non-NiteFlirt site. Did one with us sucking either end of our double-ended dildo, one with us both fucking our pussies on it and one with Aubrey sucking it while it slid into my pussy.
  • Tweeted on all Twitter accounts.
  • Guy purchased session off NiteFlirt for later because he needed to take his Viagra first. We scheduled a time to play an hour and a half from when he paid.
  • Guy did 2 girl cam-to-cam nude show. Aubrey came on my mouth then sucked double dildo while fucking me while I vibrated pussy. I came. Then we double fucked the dildo and she came again. We watched him cum while we continued to fuck the dildo. He had a huge load!
  • Did our scheduled 2 girl show with the man who needed to take viagra. It was a 2 girl Domme show which included humiliation, spankings and jack off instruction while he wore a slip, nylons and panties. He even danced for us. We called him our “panty monkey”. Aubrey came on a mini Hitachi while we watched him stroke, then I did the same. We teased him after our orgasms and even flashed our tits at him after he performed tasks to earn a view of our nipples.
  • Aubrey got a solo call while I set up 2 girl text/IM session with Nick, a sexting customer¬†from my non-NiteFlirt site.
  • Had a dirty ATOGM cam show session.
  • We did the text/IM session with Nick. He does sessions with me in which I create dirty stories with key components he gives me at the start of the sessions, usually revolving around a character named Selena. This time it was a story about her becoming “entertainment” for her friend’s father’s friends at a poker game. Story ended with Selena being used by all the blue collar, middle aged men at the poker game.
  • Aubrey got a solo call that lasted about an hour. I could hear her cumming over and over again from her room.
  • While she took the call, I ordered food, took her puppy out, played with her puppy a bit and chatted with men on Skype. Our food came and I ate (all before Aubrey got off the call!)
  • Aubrey got off the call and ate.
  • Call came in from a long time dominant caller who has been splitting time between us and occasionally does 2 girl calls and shows.¬† He ordered us to sit on chairs with our backs to each other. We masturbated with nothing but our heads touching. It was such a tease! I would have loved to finger Aubrey or eat her pussy.
  • Aubrey got another solo call.
  • Calls slowed down for a bit. We had coffee, talked, looked at some things Aubrey had delivered from Amazon. Replied to emails. Had a few chats on Skype.
  • Did a cat fight/foxy boxing show. We were wiped and ended the day afterward.