Heading to Paradise

Time has been moving so quickly. I’ve been keeping busy and hardly noticed the three plus weeks that has passed since my last post here. I’m gearing up for my trip to visit Candy. I leave next Thursday and I’m sure the visit will be a whirlwind of fun. I know we will be going to the beach and swimming at her pool for sure. Based on my past trips to visit her, I’m sure most evenings we will watch the sun set over the water. I’m hoping we will get to this museum she’s been telling me about too.

Candy is working on setting up a photo shoot for both of us. If it works out, I’ll be coming back with some photos I can post here, some nudes I can sell as goodies and maybe even a few shots of us together! I originally thought I wouldn’t take calls on this trip, but I’m thinking I might. If I do, it will be phone sex only calls, no cam. If you’re interested, check my Niteflirt page to see if I’m available. I won’t be signing on to Skype or Yahoo. The dates I’ll be gone and possibly taking calls are Thursday, April 30 – Sunday, May 3. I should be back to my regular schedule Monday, May 4.