Name: Lucy

DOB: March 19

Profession: Phone sex operator and webcam girl. This is my full-time gig!

Eyes: My eye color is green, though they look blue on cam. I wear contacts during the day and glasses at night. You probably won’t catch me in glasses on cam, unless you make a request by visiting my contact me page and IMing or emailing me.

Height: 5’8”

Body type: Curvaceous, voluptuous, hourglass, proud BBW. I have long legs with thick thighs, a round ass, a fat belly and very large breasts.

Breasts: 40 DDD or F, depending on the bra maker

Feet: My shoe size is 10.5, though I often need to buy size 11. I love getting pedicures, but rarely do so because I’m decent at painting my own toenails. You will usually catch me in the following colors (ordered with my favorite colors first): pale pink, red, translucent red (the french manicure base, without the white tips), blue and purple. Visit my contact me page and IM or email me before a show, if you would like a color check before calling.

Pussy: I groom my pubic hair two to three times a week. If you like a full bush, I can’t help; I prefer less hair. I was built for fucking; my pussy gets wet very easily and once it starts, it keeps going.

Relationships: I have a boyfriend who is mostly vanilla, but can be a bit aggressive and somewhat dominant in bed. He knows all about my cum fetish (see below), how I like to start off sucking his cock when it’s soft and that I enjoy being submissive. We’ve been together since I was 24, so it’s been a long and happy relationship. Being with him is so perfect and comfortable, I often say it’s like being alone (in only the good ways). He is my family.

I also have a girlfriend, Aubrey who is a cam girl a phone sex operator as well! She loves this work as much as I do. We are very much into each other emotionally and sexually and have been told that it shows when we’re doing 2 girl shows and calls together. We’ve been together since I got back into this work full time at age 34. I love her more every day and if you knew her, you’d understand why having her in my life has made things more exciting and fun!

Quick kinky facts: I have a cum fetish. I love watching a man cum, so if you cam-to-cam, you have my heart. If you’re feeling adventurous and generous, I LOVE tribute videos- your hand stroking your cock to a creamy orgasm to the sight of one of my pics- and photos- your load on my pic. Contact me if you would like to share one with me! I like a man to cum (in order) on my pussy, on my face, on my tits or in my mouth.

I love BDSM. I’m something of a masochist and love being submissive. I enjoy topping/domination with sissies, submissive men and cuckold-types, but heavy masochists should look elsewhere. I am not much of a sadist.

I adore men with foot fetishes! I had the pleasure of experiencing foot worship with a very special submissive man, and enjoyed it to pieces.

Though BDSM and fetish play is a big deal for me, I like all types. Vanilla is the number one flavor for a reason, after all!

See my personal kinks list.