Planning to Play with ps, not a Fantasy

In my last post, I shared part I of a fantasy the service submissive, ps wrote for me. We will be getting together this Friday, in the evening. In preparation, I sent him a series of questions to understand what excites him and his limits- what is willing to do to please ME. I intend to share the rest of the series, The Spanking, but before I post the rest, I thought I’d share the last email he sent me.

Here it is:

Miss Lucy,

If it was your intention to get me completely worked up this afternoon, you have succeeded 100%. Just the line of questions that you posed, was enough to push me to the edge. And, your responses to mine, have put me over the edge. Not to say I have sought or achieved relief. I have not. Why rob you of my intense desire to please you.

Collars – I would be happy to wear one for you. If you cared to go to a shoe store, or any public place with me, for example, I would have no objection to wearing what would be considered an OBVIOUS ownership collar, with you. Years ago, it would have been very fearful for me, anyone who might get the RIGHT impression. I am long over that. I am not fond of upsetting vanilla IMG_1918 (533x800)folks, when they didn’t ask for it, but I am not afraid to unveil my true self in public – a submissive. I’d proudly wear a collar with you out in public.

Lube – I generally buy this brand called Astroglide, which they sell at Wal-mart, for jerking off or the rare occasion that I insert a butt plug.

A sissification chore – let me know, and I will comply.

Being ridiculed for jerking off? How wonderful that would be. My cock works, with masturbation. I get erect quite easily. If I have not orgasmed in 3-4 days, then having an orgasm is quite easy for me. If I had an orgasm the day prior, then I cannot guarantee that I can orgasm for you. In today’s case, I have not orgasmed in probably 5-6 days, as I recall. So, if it is your pleasure that I play with myself, I have no doubt that I can perform. Maybe I would feel awkward for a minute or two, but after that, I probably would be fine.

In your line of work, you aren’t physically around when men orgasm, via phone or computer or whatever, but I assure you, Miss L, that licking up my cum, would be my pleasure to please you. If that is something you desire. AND, while on the subject, if you tell me that you mentioned to any friends, that you had me lick my cum up, it would greatly arouse me.

Miss Lucy, more than anything, like I have told you multiple times, I want to please you. Even if it is primarily cleaning things or giving you pedicures, I would relish the opportunity to please you.

Anything else, would be icing on the cake for me. I would happily engage in any activity that pleases you.

Ridicule to the size of my cock, soft or erect, I am fine with that.

Making fun of me being a masturbator? It is true. For 99% of my life, my sexual release has come through masturbation. Whether or not that is humiliating to me, is to be discussed. As I ramble here, my greatest sexual pleasure in life, not that I am permitted to engage in it, is orally pleasing a female. i am not ‘wired’ to seek my own sexual relief, though left on my own, I certainly masturbate a couple of times per week. Formerly, every night, but in my old age, I can go nearly a week without needing said release.

Thanks for all your compassionate attention, I appreciate it,

Your ps