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2 Girl on Hold

Aubrey had her baby a few weeks ago, so 2 girl is on hold and will be for a while. I will be sure to update Twitter (follow me @FilthyCall) and my blog when we are back to it! You can also get on my mailing list on NiteFlirt by calling me or simply adding me as a favorite. I will send out mail with our schedule once we pick some dates. I also recommend getting on my list if you like free teaser videos and pics. I send them out to everyone, every so often!

I am, of course, still doing solo phone sex and cam on NiteFlirt!

Two Girl Cam and Phone sex

Cam Pics (472)I’m so excited to share with you that Aubrey and I scheduled some dates for two girl cam and phone sex! Here are the dates (EST):

Monday, February 15: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday, February 23: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

It has been a while so we are both really looking forward to it!

More great news: in case you haven’t already heard, Aubrey is pregnant! There is something about a big pregnant belly that looks so hot! Her breasts have also gotten bigger and that pussy is just as sweet. I hope you’ll help me get her off.


Just want to make it known that I am trying out a new schedule, including availability on the days I had previously not taken calls:

Here is my general (and sometimes subject to change) schedule, EST:

Monday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday: By appointment
Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday: By appointment
Sunday: By appointment

A few things to note; sometimes I get used up and worn out early. Staying on until 8pm (and sometimes later) happens often, but sometimes doesn’t. I am now offering the option to make appointments with me on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The best way to do that is by sending me mail on NiteFlirt. You can also contact me on Skype or Yahoo when I am online to make arrangements.

A Day in the Life of Lucy 4

It’s been a while since I’ve made a day in the life of Lucy post so I thought I’d get to it! On this particular day, I worked long hours. I was on from 8:30 am until 10:30 pm. Many things can happen in fourteen hours doing what I do and sure enough, all the things happened on this day! There was a lot of variety in the type of play I had.

  • Chatted on Skype about potential shows
  • Did a naughty role play on a cam show. The caller was my neighbor. One night, while my husband was out of town, he looked outside his window and saw me “entertaining” a man who was not my husband in my master bedroom. The caller showed up at my door and blackmailed me to suck him and fuck him.
  • Chatted on Skype about potential shows
  • Updated pages on non-NF website
  • Started to respond to an email from caller
  • Chatted on Skype about a potential show
  • Did a sensual domination cam to cam show in which I instructed this hot man on how to stroke to please me. He showed me his tongue, cock and a big cum load in his hand afterward.
  • A sweet and sexy man did a cam to cam show with me. He had me spank myself hard, as if I was over his knee and he was giving me the spanking. My butt was so red and it made my pussy very wet! He then had me stick my ass at the cam while I fingered my asshole with one finger and then two. He wanted me to fuck my ass with a dildo at the end, but he got so hot watching my fingers that he came before we got to it!
  • Continued updating pages on website
  • Chatted on Skype with Aubrey and some potential callers. Wrote an extra fun sadistic dominants I’ve been playing with for a while. We made some plans for a show with Aubrey beating me for him next week. I think we’re going to try to bruise my butt, aka the beast (because it doesn’t bruise easily).
  • The same sadistic dominant ended up doing a show with me right then! He had me bind my breasts tight and then put a bra on them before they got swollen. I beat the tops of my breasts for a bit before he had me take the bra back off. He ordered me to insert my butt plug in my ass and a dildo in my pussy. I sat on them and used the tension rod from mini blinds as a pervertible cane to beat all over my breasts. I put on my nipple clamps and he had me lift them by the chain while I caned my breasts some more. Finally he let me cum with my vibrator on my clit and two holes still stuffed.
  • Took a break to close the pool until next summer
  • Lunch
  • Continued updating pages on website
  • Dealt with a kid trying to trick me into doing paid time with him via text (through my non-NF site)
  • Continued updating pages on website
  • Chatted on Skype about a potential show
  • Responded by email to fellow cam/phone worker
  • Chatted with potential caller who turned out to be a wanker
  • Did a texting session on non-NF site
  • Chatted on Skype with potential callers
  • Looked at squirting dildos on Amazon
  • Did a smoking show (I don’t smoke, I vape but I still call it a smoking show) with a very hot man. I sucked my dildo, titty fucked it and bit my nipple all while blowing vapor at the camera.
  • Chatted on Skype with potential caller
  • Did a cam to cam show of me rubbing my panty covered pussy while sniffing and licking a pair of dirty ones. It was hot seeing him cum so hard and so much to the nasty things I did.
  • Did cam to cam with guy with a big cock. He stroked hard while I laid back and rubbed my pussy and told him what I would do to suck his cock and get fucked. I didn’t cum, but immediately after this show…
  • Did humiliation show with a dominant caller. He asked me why I was so horny and already naked. I told him I hadn’t cum yet after the last show. He said, “did he say he’d choke you while he fucked you? Did he say he’d slap your face while he fucked you? Did he call you a fat slut?” and so on until I got off on my vibrator. Then he said he’d keep me like that all night. Then he hung up. I love it when he’s mean to me.
  • Answered emails. Finished email to caller that I started earlier in the day.
  • Chatted on Skype with potential callers
  • Responded to emails by fellow cam worker (a Domme)
  • Went through the clothes I got back from the fire (they took things to remove the smoke smell and I just got the repairable stuff back) looking for my red bikini and a white tank top- a request from a possible caller. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to call but I’m looking forward to a shower show with him. Hopefully soon.

My Personal Kinks

Image 8One of the top things I’m asked by callers is, “What are you into?” I often throw the question back to the caller because I’m here to serve him. I get off on pleasing people and the fact is, I like so many different things that a caller is bound to get me going by having me cater to him. It’s easy enough to figure out my kink list by exploring the pages on my site and blog posts, but I thought I’d make a list as close as possible to being in order by favor (though this should be viewed as fluid depending on my mood or more likely, the person I’m playing with). I’m also sharing a favorite porn list.

My personal kinks:

  • Being topped by a dominant man – a Master or Sir. I like service, being controlled, pain, humiliation, degradation to an extent and rope play.
  • Vanilla play is shared in the top spot with being topped by a dominant man. I am submissive by orientation but it is as important as regular sex for me. This includes giving and receiving pussy eating, sucking cock, fucking, making out, hand jobs, etc.
  • Cum fetish (ok, this goes with just about everything on the list, but it earns a spot because it’s a huge part of my personal kink)
  • The idea of cuckolding someone (idea only as I have never done this)
  • Foot fetish play
  • Playing with sissies
  • Being topped by a dominant woman
  • Topping a submissive man or woman. I like playful humiliation, control, receiving service and body worship. I am becoming more and more interested in exploring sadistic levels of pain.
  • Tickling (this is more something I am curious about. I think I’d love it if I played more with it. If you like tickling and you’re reading this; please consider trying 2 girl so I can try this out!)
  • Jack off instruction/guided masturbation
  • Smoking/vaping fetish
  • Small penis humiliation
  • Shoe fetish
  • Role playing

It’s hard to list everything as I have tried so many interesting things in my years as a phone/cam girl, so this is just a general list. There are things I have done once, loved but never repeated as well as variations and elaborations on things on the list. I also think I may have forgotten some things completely, but this is what comes to mind for now.

My favorite porn, in order:

  • Solo man masturbating and cumming
  • Cuckold/creampie eating
  • Older man, younger woman
  • Pussy eating (close up)
  • Gangbang/gangbang creampie/pussy bukkake
  • Submissive woman being dominated by a man or men
  • Submissive man being dominated by a man
  • Submissive woman being dominated by a woman or women
  • Foot fetish (dominant woman making a man worship her feet)
  • Straight man sucks cock
  • Autofellatio (self suck)
  • Hentai
  • Voyeur

There you have it; a full guide to my personal kinks. Coming soon: a list of my current fantasies!

Away for a Week

I won’t be taking calls for the next week. I’ll be back at it Monday, July 27. I thought I’d share some other Flirt’s listings, in case you’re looking for someone to play with in place of me! These Flirts are the real deal and give stellar service:

Boob Delicious Candy – a close friend and knock out who offers cam and phone sex.

Aubrey with Art – my dirty girlfriend for cam and phone sex.

Goddess Natasha – a real-deal dominant Goddess for phone sessions.

Confessions of Mona – a seriously hot MILF for phone sex.

Hope to talk with you when I’m back to taking calls!



A Day in the Life of Lucy 3

In between calls, I’m usually doing what I like to call “back end work” (bring on the jokes). This includes working on posts for my blogs, Tweeting, updates to all my sites, running ads and sometimes working on content (videos, editing pics, audio, stories, etc.), though I usually do this kind of work on Wednesdays (my day “off”; meaning I’m not taking calls, but really I am working). My boyfriend is working on getting his bachelor’s degree and just took a class that I should take! It’s a customer relations class having to do with social marketing. I stole his book and will be reading it between calls in the next few weeks.

When I’m done with that kind of work, I often pull up Age of Empires, a strategy based game that I’ve been playing off and on for years. It’s mind numbing and a sort of therapy/way to pass the time.

I decided to do a day in the life of Lucy last week and for whatever reason on this particular day, I ended up staring into space a lot. I didn’t notate when I was doing this, but you can pretty much fill in all the gaps in time with me staring into space. It is really odd that I did this at all because I’m not the type of person who likes meditative time (though I do occasionally enjoy intentional meditation). One of my close friends loves waiting rooms because it gives her time to think. My boyfriend hunts and spends most of his time in the tree stand letting his mind drift. I hate time like that. I like to either be active or numb my mind with TV or a video game.

Anyway, here is my third installment of a day in the life of Lucy. Like the first time I created this type of post, I didn’t take the best notes and it’s been a few days and it’s a struggle to backtrack, so some of the detail on the shows and calls are lacking:

  • Chatted w/ some callers
  • Worked on pics
  • Cam show rough fantasy
  • Cam show – he talked about either me fucking his ass with a dildo or him being fucked by another man while he licked my pussy
  • IM session with Nick (I offer IM/Sexting on my non-NiteFlirt site). Nick likes to do detailed stories, usually involving a slutty character named Selena. This time Selena was working as a bartender and one of her customers takes her into the bathroom to snort cocaine and fuck. Nick lets me take calls in between IMing him, so we broke a few times so I could take calls.
  • Cam show with a sweet man. He fucks me in the role play (I fuck my pussy with my dildo). Then he had me suck his cock until he came in my mouth (I sucked my used dildo in front of the cam).
  • Continue IM session with Nick
  • Phone sex only call with a sissy. He told me about how he got fucked and sucked cock earlier that day. I’ve talked to this sissy a number of times before. He likes to call me to cum with me after he has hot sessions with the men in his life. This time, he jerked off while parked in his car.
  • Finished IM session with Nick
  • Lunch
  • Talked with caller about doing a show this afternoon
  • Chatted with caller
  • Did rough sex cam show
  • Dom cam show. He talk about hurting me and called me a fat whore (which is the kind of humiliation I love).
  • Long show with new caller- watched black male/white female sucking and fucking porn. He showed me his cock and jerked it while fucking and sucking toys for me. Had me fuck my black toy, white toy, suck both and masturbate. I came three times.
  • Responded to emails from callers
  • Panty boy cam to cam. He licked his pre cum. I told him I’d sit on his face and make him lick me while he jerks for me.
  • Listened to music between calls
  • Exchanged emails with fellow cam girls.
  • Anal show
  • Chatted with a caller about show
  • Texted pics of me in my lingerie to my boyfriend

Threesome Cam & Phone sex Dates


Just posted lots of threesome cam & phone sex dates! I’ll be with Aubrey once a week through early July. Times are EST:

Monday, June 1, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday, June 12, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday, June 16, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday, June 22, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday, July 6, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

A Day in the Life of Lucy 2

Thought I’d share day two of “a day in the life of a cam girl”. I got an early start on this particular day which brought about a lovely surprise call from an old regular I haven’t spoken with in quite a while! The day started at 6 am:

  • Call from old regular who hasn’t called in a while. Suspect he’s calling from out of the country based on his accent (though I’m not actually sure). I think I may have missed him due to changing my hours a while back (used to start at 5 or 6 am regularly) and the time difference. Tease phone sex call. Teased with breasts and asshole then let him stroke and he came quickly and loudly.
  • Long cam show with submissive/sissy guy. He showed me pictures of himself looking sexy and girly while he watched me touch myself.
  • Talk to some callers on Skype and Candy.
  • Update blog.
  • Did hot BDSM phone only call. The role play was as follows… I no longer fucked my husband. He calls phone sex line while I’m upstairs. Realizes it’s me on the line. Goes upstairs to confront me. Yells at me for doing it and says since I advertise rough BDSM calls, that he’s going to make me feel pain. Says he’s going to fuck my ass since I never let him do it before. Fucks my ass hard, hurting me while I play with my pussy. Then comes in my pussy.
  • Research video editing program.
  • Send mass email.
  • Respond to some texts for non-NF site from potential and current callers.
  • Cam show, topless. Suck toy for him while watching him cum.
  • Respond to texts.
  • Take Dom call from someone who makes my panties wet with very few words spoken in that deep, sexy voice of his.
  • Research video editing program more.
  • Respond to texts.
  • Degrading call from regular who has one of the most unique fantasies/shows I’ve ever done. It is part M/s like, part “other-world” in that this is the sort of fantasy that is something that would never actually happen. Sort of like living in a comic book (which I think is how he presented the fantasy originally, if I’m remembering right). Always get excited when he writes me on Skype because I might get to slip into his world again.
  • Role playing cam show in which the caller caught me masturbating and we end up fucking.
  • Pantyhose cam show
  • Ate lunch
  • AOE for a few min.
  • Talked about potential shows on Skype.
  • Reply to texts.
  • Cam call with dominant caller. He fucks me without condom while I beg him to put one on, as I don’t want to get pregnant.
  • Caller does incredibly hot cam to cam show in which he buries face in ass, fucks my tits, licks my pussy then fucks me.
  • Talked about shows on Skype.
  • AOE for a little while.
  • Received and responded to email from fellow cam girl exchanging ideas.
  • Cam to cam jack off session. Lick pussy from behind. Fuck me.
  • Talked about shows on Skype.
  • Heavy BDSM call. Cane, cuffs, anal toy, dildo in pussy and nipple clamps.
  • Skype, texting and emails about calls/shows.
  • BDSM discussion call with a man who has called me a few times now. Always enjoy discussing his experiences and having him question me about my sexual history (in particular as a submissive, but also generally).