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My Personal Kinks

Image 8One of the top things I’m asked by callers is, “What are you into?” I often throw the question back to the caller because I’m here to serve him. I get off on pleasing people and the fact is, I like so many different things that a caller is bound to get me going by having me cater to him. It’s easy enough to figure out my kink list by exploring the pages on my site and blog posts, but I thought I’d make a list as close as possible to being in order by favor (though this should be viewed as fluid depending on my mood or more likely, the person I’m playing with). I’m also sharing a favorite porn list.

My personal kinks:

  • Being topped by a dominant man – a Master or Sir. I like service, being controlled, pain, humiliation, degradation to an extent and rope play.
  • Vanilla play is shared in the top spot with being topped by a dominant man. I am submissive by orientation but it is as important as regular sex for me. This includes giving and receiving pussy eating, sucking cock, fucking, making out, hand jobs, etc.
  • Cum fetish (ok, this goes with just about everything on the list, but it earns a spot because it’s a huge part of my personal kink)
  • The idea of cuckolding someone (idea only as I have never done this)
  • Foot fetish play
  • Playing with sissies
  • Being topped by a dominant woman
  • Topping a submissive man or woman. I like playful humiliation, control, receiving service and body worship. I am becoming more and more interested in exploring sadistic levels of pain.
  • Tickling (this is more something I am curious about. I think I’d love it if I played more with it. If you like tickling and you’re reading this; please consider trying 2 girl so I can try this out!)
  • Jack off instruction/guided masturbation
  • Smoking/vaping fetish
  • Small penis humiliation
  • Shoe fetish
  • Role playing

It’s hard to list everything as I have tried so many interesting things in my years as a phone/cam girl, so this is just a general list. There are things I have done once, loved but never repeated as well as variations and elaborations on things on the list. I also think I may have forgotten some things completely, but this is what comes to mind for now.

My favorite porn, in order:

  • Solo man masturbating and cumming
  • Cuckold/creampie eating
  • Older man, younger woman
  • Pussy eating (close up)
  • Gangbang/gangbang creampie/pussy bukkake
  • Submissive woman being dominated by a man or men
  • Submissive man being dominated by a man
  • Submissive woman being dominated by a woman or women
  • Foot fetish (dominant woman making a man worship her feet)
  • Straight man sucks cock
  • Autofellatio (self suck)
  • Hentai
  • Voyeur

There you have it; a full guide to my personal kinks. Coming soon: a list of my current fantasies!

Not Enough Sex

About a year ago, I read an article that quoted a study that found that couples who had sex one to three times a week from the beginning of their relationship would be likely to keep up that frequency throughout their relationship. The study found that couples who had sex more frequently than that would slow down to having sex much less as time went on. If I’m remembering right, the more rabbit-like couples would slow down to once a month or so.

I met my boyfriend over ten years ago. Minus a long break up three years ago that included a few short-lived reunions between us, we have been a couple since just about the day we met (we’ve been back together for over a year now). From the beginning, we were the sort of couple who had sex one to three times a week. An extremely satisfying one to three times a week and for me, to the point of mind blowing sort of satisfying, probably most notable because he is the first man whose cock I had an orgasm on.

I didn’t put too much stock in that study, but still felt good about our sex life frequency-wise and confident that we could keep it up after reading about it. The last three or so months have shut this confidence down. In the first month or so of this period, we slowed down to about once a week. Then it got worse. In the last eight weeks, we’ve had sex twice.

It’s true that I’m still having around four orgasms a day (rarely less, sometimes many, many more) on the days I take phone sex calls and do cam shows. I even sometimes find myself masturbating between time on calls. I’ll watch porn and get myself off and still go again the next time the phone rings. So, I guess things are good sexually Monday through Friday. But on the weekend, when I’m not taking calls, I am finding I’m going virtually orgasm-free. And even though I’m getting off a whole lot, I could still want cock. I want pre-cum on my tongue while I get my boyfriend’s cock hard, feeling his body pressed against mine while he sucks my neck and rhythmically plunges his warm dick in my cunt followed by the reward of a pussy juice covered cock sliding in my mouth a few quick times before exploding hot cum down my throat. Man, how I miss all of that.

Cam sex and phone sex is exactly what I want to be doing to make a living. I feel so lucky to have found a job that is not only fun, but gives me an outlet for all my kink. The variety appeals to me, as I am all over the place sexually. I even give enough attention to my favorite kink through my callers that I do not feel like I’m missing anything sexually because I have a mostly vanilla boyfriend. I had all of this and was having lots of fantastic sex with the man that I love. Now, something has changed. I’m not giving up on getting back to more regular sex with my boyfriend. In fact, we are planning on having sex when he returns home in an hour (it has come to a need to plan). Generally, it seems until we get back to more frequency (and spontaneity), I’m going to have to wear myself out on my toys and use my imagination plus my callers words to get a feeling of the warmth, taste and satisfaction of a real cock.