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Rented a BDSM Dungeon

A few weeks ago, Aubrey and I rented a BDSM dungeon where her boyfriend (my ex-Dominant), Michael and a photographer friend of hers shot pictures and videos of us. Aubrey’s fiancé, R showed up a few hours in to help out with the shoot as well.

BDSMFC3After about an hour of Michael and the other photographer setting up lighting and the first set area, we got started. For the first set, we had a bed set up in a very dingy looking room with chains, gags and scary-looking implements hanging on the wall. We put on sexy bra and panty sets with satin robes over top and stockings and heels on our legs and feet. We slowly removed most of the clothing while Michael and the other photographer snapped away. After getting lots of pictures, Michael videotaped Aubrey fucking me to orgasm with the strap on, me sucking it on my knees and me cuffing Aubrey spread eagle on the bed, beating her pussy with a strap. Her pussy got so red and though it wasn’t planned, I made her cum with the vibrator because her pussy got so wet from the beating. I also licked her cunt until she came again on my mouth.

Next we moved to the medical area of the dungeon. Aubrey played doctor. She gave me a breast exam and opened my pussy wide on the gynecological table. Before the shoot, I was aBDSMFC8 bit nervous about having R see me naked. At that point, I wasn’t too worried about the other photographer, though I didn’t know him. I have done shoots with professional photographers who are strangers a number of times and Michael has already seen me naked and had me in very vulnerable positions in the past. But I was a little nervous about R, as he is a friend. It was when I had my feet in the stir ups and my pussy spread wide that R walked in and it made me nervously and hysterically laugh for quite some time. In fact, I kept pushing out the speculum out! All my nerves went away when Aubrey climbed on the table with me and we started making out though.

The next scene was extra fun. Michael is very skilled with rope and helped Aubrey and I take turns stringing each other to a hard point so we could take turns beating each other up. He didn’t do anything as elaborate as his skill will allow BDSMFC13(there is a great example of this in this goody bag, where I include one picture of me tied in his ropes with his cum on my face), but it was still hot being tied up again. My very favorite part of the day was Michael spontaneously adding rope to the chain of my nipple clamps, pulling it above my head and through the ring at the hard point and back around to tie the other end to my ankle after he lifted it off the ground. I stood on one leg for quite a while hoping I wouldn’t lose my balance, causing the nipple clamps to be yanked off.

Next, Aubrey got on a spanking bench and I beat her ass crimson with my hands, a braided flogger and a rubber pipe-like implement, which lead to my second favorite part of the day; seeing the puddle of pussy juice Aubrey left on the bench when she got up! It was so hot BDSM FC1and the perfect way to end our day in the dungeon. We will definitely be booking the space again sometime in the future.

Both Aubrey and I will be adding these pictures and videos as goody bags for purchase soon!

Florida Photo shoot

4previewMy vacation visiting Candy in Florida was perfect! I got a taste of summer over the four days in paradise. We swam in her heated pool, relaxed in the hot tub, had many tasty meals including mussels twice (one in a light cream sauce with wine and one in a tomato, mushroom sauce with a kick), I got a mani-pedi and watched a gorgeous sunset over the water from a beachfront roof top deck. Aside from getting much anticipated face time with one of my closest friends, the highlight of the vacation truly was making a new connection with a really cool friend of Candy’s, Mona. And then of course, there was the photo shoot.

Candy, Mona and I loaded Mona’s new flogger, a bunch of slutty outfits and heels into Candy’s mustang and headed to Candy’s photographer friend’s fabulous house Friday evening. The action began nearly the moment we walked in the door. Mona stripped without waiting for permission and Candy and I were quick to follow her lead. Soon, the three of us were in hot outfits taking turns with the flogger while our photographer (turned pornographer) snapped away. Candy was absolutely gleeful while holding the flogger. I think she enjoyed being able to hit as hard as she liked on my ass. I don’t think she held back and it showed! My ass, particularly my right cheek got pretty red by the time she was done. The best part was listening to Mona’s reactions. She is rather kink-light, at least when it comes to sadomasochism. It was all captured in the pictures! Our photographer was super professional and great fun to work with, but I must admit, the best part was getting a “here we go” out of him when one of us would get spread eagle and show off some pussy.

We switched from lingerie to bikinis and hopped in the tub next. It was fun being in the company of two hot women, stripping out of our suits and holding up our tits for comparison. Mine and Mona’s are far from small, but look tiny compared to Candy’s!

The pictures are already packaged as goodies on Niteflirt, ready to serve as jack off material!

We took some really great videos as well, including hot tub teasing, a punishment scene for my butt and we even got Candy on her knees for a bit! Unfortunately, the videos were accidentally erased. It really is a shame because Florida is so far away and I don’t know when we’ll get to do it again!

My time with Candy could not have been more perfect. I’m sure it won’t be long before I get the itch to visit again.

Heading to Paradise

Time has been moving so quickly. I’ve been keeping busy and hardly noticed the three plus weeks that has passed since my last post here. I’m gearing up for my trip to visit Candy. I leave next Thursday and I’m sure the visit will be a whirlwind of fun. I know we will be going to the beach and swimming at her pool for sure. Based on my past trips to visit her, I’m sure most evenings we will watch the sun set over the water. I’m hoping we will get to this museum she’s been telling me about too.

Candy is working on setting up a photo shoot for both of us. If it works out, I’ll be coming back with some photos I can post here, some nudes I can sell as goodies and maybe even a few shots of us together! I originally thought I wouldn’t take calls on this trip, but I’m thinking I might. If I do, it will be phone sex only calls, no cam. If you’re interested, check my Niteflirt page to see if I’m available. I won’t be signing on to Skype or Yahoo. The dates I’ll be gone and possibly taking calls are Thursday, April 30 – Sunday, May 3. I should be back to my regular schedule Monday, May 4.

So Much to Look Forward to

There is a lots of fun to come for me. First, this Saturday I will be spending the day with the lovely Aubrey with Art taking two girl phone sex calls and cam shows. I can’t wait! I have fun going solo, but it’s always better when I’m with Aubrey. We’re doing it again next Wednesday. Next Thursday is my birthday! I plan on taking calls. I love the idea of celebrating with lots of orgasms.

I’m booking my flight soon to visit my friend Candy in sunny Florida! I am so excited to hang out with her again. The plans so far include time at her pool, at the beach, dining at my favorite restaurant in her area for the most delicious mussels I’ve ever had and we’re even going to squeeze in a photo shoot by a friend of hers. I bought a red bikini for the shoot. I’m about to turn 36 years old and this will be the first time I wear a bikini in public, which is a shame with tits and a butt like mine!

I love having so much to look forward to! Life is good!

Sexy Resolutions

Happy 2015, my kinky friends! There is no better time for sexy resolutions then the start of a new year.

In truth, I’m not one for making a resolution for the new year. I always thought it was sort of cool to constantly work on improvement and made a silly point of avoiding the annual grand gesture long ago. This year is different. For the sake of keeping my blog a place for hot, naughty fun only, I’ll keep the reason to myself. The cause was extraordinarily moving, and the effect was that when I woke up on January 1 (and oddly not a second before), I allowed the feeling of change to fall over and penetrate me; causing me to think about what I’d like to see improve in my life.

So, here it is folks! A short list of the areas of change to my life that I hope will bring a smile to your faces and a hard on in your pants:croppedNF

  • Some small updates to the pages on my website which will include new pictures and possibly some updates to other parts of the pages. I’ll post an update here and Tweet as the changes are made so that you know when to check them out.
  • New Goodies! Including part one of a filthy store I wrote (which is not currently a Goodie Bag, but can be purchased here) and the long awaited part two, which is nearly finished.
  • New blog posts, after eight months of no updates! I’m hoping to produce kinky news about once or twice a month, possibly more.
  • New Tweets, which will likely include pictures you’ll never see on my blog so please be sure to follow me @FilthyCall.

I’m also working on changing one of my cam listings to offer an exciting service for dominant and sadistic callers. I’ve put a note in to Play Fair at NiteFlirt about what I can and can’t do with this listing. Once I hear back, I should be able to get the listing changed out. I’ll post and Tweet about it once the change is made, so be sure to check back.

No promises on whether or not this last change will enhance my life as a cam girl, but I will be signing up for classes at a sexy workout place at the end of next week. They offer floor/chair classes, pole dancing and more naughty, sweat-inducing fun! I’m super excited about it and based on the handful of classes I’ve taken there in the past, I have a feeling that this may mean I’ll be able to perform some hot moves for callers, but again, no promises. At the very least, it may help this slutty girl feel even sexier!

Before I sign off on my first post for the new year, I wanted to take a moment to thank my callers. I’ve been back at full time phone sex and cam for just over a year and a half and it has been a blast! I want all of you to know how much I appreciate you. Regardless of how we do it (phone sex, cam shows, text/IM sessions, quickies, marathon calls, etc.) and what we do (suck and fuck, love making, strenuous rope shows, wickedly creative beatings, foot worship, sissy play, cuckolding and everything in between), it is you, my callers, who make this the best fucking job I’ve ever had. I can’t say it enough. Thank you!

Jack Off Material: Filthy Stories, Pictures and Audio

Untitled5I have uploaded a new, naughty story and a few new pictures for purchase, here! I have also added the option to purchase custom jack off material, including audio, stories, cam pictures and high quality studio pictures.

I hope you will check out what I have to offer!

Oh, and if you want to stay updated on new jack off material, please follow me on Twitter @FilthyCall!