Thank you, John

Being a phone sex operator and webcam girl requires Snapshot 9 (11-17-2013 2-32 PM)long hours, lots of time spent in preparation for shows, work on one’s imagination, appearance, etc. I put in the long hours very happily. I enjoy my time playing. When you’re a hyper-sexual being like me, playing isn’t exactly what I would call “work”. I like using my imagination to weave role plays that my callers can get off to. I must admit, aside from eating a mostly healthy diet and the occasional yoga DVD, I don’t put much effort into my appearance body-wise, but I do spend a lot of time dolling myself up for shows. A girly girl like me likes the prep-work needed for shows.

So even without a verbal or written, “thank you” from my callers, I feel pretty fulfilled in what I do. I don’t need much more than the sound or visual of a man cumming to me to make me feel Snapshot 19 (11-17-2013 2-36 PM)thanked. But every so often, a man like John (not to be confused with this John) comes along. The John I’m referring to now is adorable, attentive, sexy (in the cum shooting out the top of his cock for me on cam kind of way) and, it turns out, generous. He sent this teeny, tiny piece of lingerie along a few weeks ago. Hot, isn’t it?

I feel like a princess, goddess and slut all wrapped up into one when it comes to John. We’ve only played a few times, but between the calls and the chats in between, this guy really makes me feel special. And he deserves my appreciation.Snapshot 23 (11-17-2013 2-38 PM)

Please, John, pull me close to you as we lay on your couch. Kiss my lips, move to my neck, feel me suck at your skin. Let me thank you with my mouth, my tongue, my hands… take your thanks by slipping inside me. Thank you, thank you, thank you…